Auto Paint & Body Shop Refinish Warranty

This limited warranty is back by Axalta Refinish and your Axalta Refinish-qualified Collision Shop Lifetime limited warranty,

5 year limited warranty
Collision Shop to check applicable warranty

Terms of the warranty
  • Subject to terms and conditions of this paint system limited warranty, the Axalta Refinish qualified Collision Shop agrees to warrant against the covered defects set forth below.  The Axalta Refinish paint system warranty becomes effective on the date the work was completed and for the number of years Warranted as shown above.
  • If the defect is determined to be a covered defect, the defect will be repaired without charge to the warranty holder by the Axalta Refinish-qualified Collision Shop.
  • The warranty holder must follow the claim procedures set forth below in order to be covered by this warranty for any and all defect claims.

Scope of the warranty

  • The Axalta Refinish paint system warranty shall:
  • Apply only to the surfaces directly repaired with Axalta (as Warranted above.)
  • Not apply to any covered defect that is directly the result of any negligence by the customer.
  • Only be available to the individual who was the owner of the vehicle at the time the original work was performed and whose name appears on the Collision Shop Repair Order. (The Warranty is not transferable)

The Wreck Erasers at Northtown Collision Centre take pride in restoring your vehicle back to showroom conditions.  We use the highest quality products to enable us to warranty the refinish work and craftsmanship with a Lifetime limited warranty that is back by a Axalta Warranty.